Cleaning Excellence

Our Vision

To provide an unequalled professional cleaning service, backed by scientific knowledge and integrity.

About Scott & Nicole Redmond

I accidentally started Cleaning Excellence in Wagga in 2011.

Burnt out from a previous business, I was looking for a food business to buy. Unable to find what I wanted, I saw a cleaning business for sale.

‘How hard can cleaning be?’ I thought to myself. I soon found out that it was a lot harder than I thought.

I’m driven to be the very best cleaner I can be, so I invested time and money in education, research and products. I talked to lots of professionals to learn everything there was to know about the cleaning industry. I studied up on the best techniques, materials and equipment and decided to set the business up to have professional industry-level standards from the start.

Nicole was part of Cleaning Excellence from the beginning and over time, we built up to 11 staff and a full-time manager. We sold the business in 2013 and moved to the Central Coast.  Again, the business grew and as we serviced residents and business throughout the area.

We moved back to Wagga in 2018 before finally settling on the Central Coast in 2020 and expanding operations into Newcastle and the Hunter region.

Why we provide quotes using video meetings

As professional cleaners offering the best possible service, we need to see the surfaces, rooms and layout, but we don’t need to intrude in someone’s personal space.

Booking a quote through video meetings means less interruption and distraction in your home or office. It’s also a safer, secure experience for you as you don’t have a stranger in your home. And in a time when everyone is more aware of possible transmission of illness, it reduces person-to-person contact.

Book your video meetings quote today or call us for more information.

Servicing the Newcastle, Central Coast and Wagga regions

Are you fully insured?

This is a question you should ALWAYS ask your cleaner.

Consider carefully having anyone in your home who doesn’t have Public Liability and WorkCover insurance. Technically, you are their employer. If an injury occurs, you are legally liable and can be sued if an incident happens at your home or business. If your cleaner doesn’t have insurance, call us and find out why this matters.

Fresh Ops Team Management System

We constantly look for ways to improve our skills and make our service a better experience for our clients. Using the Fresh Ops Team Management System helps us provide consistency and accountability for everyone.

Our cleaners don’t need to rely on their memory as they have access to all the details of your clean while they’re on site. As soon as the cleaner has checked out of a job, everything is deleted from their phone as soon as they leave the site.

Additional security measures include our anonymous, secure key numbering system which has no identifying information. Another secure aspect of this system is that all data, including any photos, is automatically deleted from the Teams phone when they check out. And we guarantee that if we ever lose your keys, we’ll replace the locks.

Staff can also verify tasks with photos through Fresh Ops, if required. You are given your own log in details so you can check all this information and more including when we arrived and left and which Team member attended your clean.

Premium cleaning products

Spray and Wipe’s okay, but when we’re providing a professional service, we provide more than just a general all-purpose cleaner. We use purpose-made, quality cleaning chemicals. You’ll see the difference with our commercial grade floor, oven and window cleaner.

After studying bio-tech for three years, Scott’s in-depth knowledge informs Cleaning Excellences’ chemical choice and use, harsh chemical knowledge, sanitising practices, and safe handling and storage practices.

Our cleaning equipment is excellent quality, too. We only use premium squeegees, microfibre mops and handles, mop applicators, microfibre cloths and vacuums.

Hygienic, well-maintained equipment

We test, tag and maintain our vacuum cleaners and we clean them weekly. Microfibre cloths are single use, and mindful that they are often the cause of cross-contamination, we wash and disinfect them before they are used again.

Do you do staff background checks?

We trust our staff to look after our most valuable asset, our clients.

All our staff go through a rigorous selection process before they undergo training and work in your home or premises, including reference checks from previous employers.

In line with our policy of quality assurance, each new staff member has a trial period with regular monitoring & assessment.

While they are not a requirement for most of our clients, we can obtain Police checks and Working With Children Checks (WCC) if needed.

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